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Alas, Comment Deleted from

by Hawke Robinson published Nov 20, 2012 07:55 PM, last modified Aug 14, 2015 08:11 AM
I had attempted to comment on a posting from the website, related to depression and the holidays. This seemed perfectly relevant to the RPG Research Project's goals. Alas, she/they deleted the posting immediately, apparently considering it spam. That is a real shame, since it is so relevant to the goals of the project. Here is what was attempted to be posted in reply...

Their original article is here:

Mental Illness & The Holidays: I’m “Normal” Because I’m Medicated


As someone who personally has had sometimes needed to fight off SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and such, this article seemed doubly relevant. Alas their moderator apparently did not.

Here is the attempted reply that was unfortunately deleted:

"These, and the many related issues, are very much why we're doing the research underway on the potential therapeutic and educational benefits of Role-playing Gaming. The correlative, meta-analysis, and case studies already show that in general tabletop role-playing gamers have a much lower depression level, and about 1/5th the suicide rate of non-rpgers. But since those are not proven causal studies, correlation does not equal causality, are those people that are attracted to RPG's just naturally better problem solvers, so less likely to commit suicide, or is it because of the cooperative social aspects of the game that participants fend off depression and suicide better?

This is a self-funded project, the main thing we need is as many people signing up to participate in the studies as possible, in the hopes of finding any causal influences, and eventually developing targeted therapies using role-playing gaming. Maybe specific adventure modules specifically targeting depression for example.

Just thought this an appropriate article to point this out, and for others to know about."

Clearly their moderator thought otherwise. :-)