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by Hawke Robinson published Mar 24, 2016 10:10 AM, last modified Aug 14, 2017 09:24 PM
Research documents, audio & video files, primary and secondary sources, etc.

Primary Archives

This is the main core repository of all research and related information on studies regarding the effects of role-playing games. Various additional media and documents related to the role playing gaming research project.

Primary Archives - Read More…

The RPG Research Project Specific Archives

A section for more information about the RPG Research Project itself. This includes papers specifically from the project itself.

The RPG Research Project Specific Archives - Read More…


Various videos related to role-playing gaming research.

Videos - Read More…

Wiki, Glossary, & Bibliography

A community-based wiki on the research of role-playing games in all forms.

Wiki, Glossary, & Bibliography - Read More…


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions can be found (and hopefully answered) here. This is open to editing and contribution by the community, as it is wikified.

FAQs - Read More…


Find bibliographic lists on specific keywords here. For example "LARP" or "tabletop RPG", that can be very difficult to wade through university & library databases. These lists are amalgamated through the help of volunteers on this website.

Bibliographies - Read More…

Content Sorted by Population or Diagnosis

Here you will find research documents and other resources sorted by population, diagnosis, disability, etc.

Content Sorted by Population or Diagnosis - Read More…

RPG Find

Listings of Tabletop & Live-Action RPG Groups, sorted by various criteria: location, style, etc.

RPG Find - Read More…

How to get started using RPGs

After resolving the many myths and inculcated attitudes about role-playing games and gamers, and then showing people the research supporting the efficacy of using role-playing games to achieve therapeutic and educational goals for a broad range of populations, the next question invariably is, "Okay, how do I get started?". This post will provide you with a possible road map.

How to get started using RPGs - Read More…


Lists of areas where volunteers can help, documents to sign up as volunteers, etc.

Volunteers - Read More…

Books Reading List

A list of books to consider reading related to RPG Research

Books Reading List - Read More…

Essays Reading List

A list of essays to consider as baseline reading for RPG Research.

Essays Reading List - Read More…


These are forms for people to download, print, fill-out, sign, send, or fill-out online and "digitally sign". Includes disclaimers, permission, release, etc.

Forms - Read More…

The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer

A folder for images and other files related to the RPG Trailer. See for far more!

The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer - Read More…

Information for Researchers

About the RPG Research Project, for researchers.

Information for Researchers - Read More…

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