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This folder contains all the files and references for the Role-Playing Gaming Handbook of Practice by W.A. Hawkes-Robinson, RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics, and others. With roots since 1983 and begun in 2004, with public RFCs posted since 2013. This is designed to be the comprehensive multidiscipllinary manual helping to establish professional standards in the field, training recommendations, guidelines on designing and implementing programs using role-playing games to achieve educational, entertainment, professional, recreational, and therapeutic goals, including optimizing the RPG experiment for maximal immersion and potential flow state experience, inclusion of the World Health Oganizations ICF/ICD codes and adaptations for accessibility appropriate to all 4 RPG formats: computer-based (CRPG), live-action (LARP), solo adventure books/modules (SAB/M), and tabletop (TRPG).
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This is the wikified version of the book, in the hopes of making it easier for others to contribute to filling in all the blanks.
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