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RPG for TBI - CYOA - Program Adaptations

by Hawke Robinson published Nov 12, 2016 06:20 PM, last modified Nov 12, 2016 06:20 PM

Normally a single person reads the solo adventure alone, but until the client is capable of such functioning a therapist provides the reading. Depending on their level of impairment to communicate their choices, options besides verbal (often clients at early stages of recovery are intubated and unable to speak or may have speech impairment due to their injuries even if they can comprehend speech fine (different parts of the brain beween speaking and understanding), a therapist can use hand-squeeze or eye-blinks with Boolean-only (yes/no) questions for the client to answer (one squeeze/blink for yes, two squeezes/blinks for no). As client progresses, may be able to use simple multiple choice questions instead of only Boolean choices.