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"Gamer folk are more cunning than most"
by Hawke Robinson published Jun 07, 2012 last modified Aug 14, 2015 11:24 PM — filed under: ,
An entertaining quote from the Serenity RPG...
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"Knock it off" Shows and Writers Still Perpetuating Negative RPG Gamer Stereotypes, Even in Webisodes
by Hawke Robinson published Nov 02, 2012 last modified Aug 22, 2017 04:37 PM — filed under: , , , , ,
As Mike Rugnetta, host of the PBS Idea Channel, said to the writers of Big Bang Theory, that keep perpetuating all the negative stereotypes about role-playing gamers, "Knock it off." A challenge to writers to try something different.
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2nd Attempt RPG Research Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype Purchase
by Hawke Robinson published Sep 14, 2016 last modified Aug 28, 2018 10:28 PM — filed under: , ,
UPDATE 20160926 Second Attempt: Well, I did it, I went ahead and bought the Forest River Vengeance 19V using my own funds. I didn't dip into the donation funds. Still saving donations money for the more optimal custom-build down the road, while I use the prototype to work out logistics, legal, and other hoops...
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3 Years in a Row - RPGs Booming, while Video Games are Down
by Hawke Robinson published Nov 11, 2012 last modified Dec 03, 2020 01:14 PM — filed under: , ,
For three years in a row now, the sales of hobby games including tabletop role-playing games, have been experiencing a significant boom in sales growth, while the video game industry has been down year after year since 2010. Apparently equal to the Pokemon CCG boom of early 2000's, but spread across a broader range rather than a single product, the entire hobby and role-playing gaming industry is benefiting...
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8 foot RPG Research WorldCon Poster At Printers
by Hawke Robinson published Aug 17, 2015 last modified Oct 30, 2020 10:01 AM — filed under: , ,
Among other activities, I am speaking on 3 panels, and have a poster presentation on "Super Science Saturday" at WorldCon 73 (Sasquan), August 19-23 in Spokane, Washington. For the poster, I have delivered the file to the printers to create an 8 foot by 4 foot poster summarizing my 10+ years (so far) of work on the RPG Research Project...
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1994 - Role-playing games to treat suicidal schizoid
by Hawke Robinson published Nov 13, 2012 last modified Jan 18, 2017 03:24 PM — filed under: , , , , , , , ,
The Conclusion portion of Blackmon's report sums up the many possibilities that developing and establishing use of role-playing games for targeted therapeutic benefit may be able to provide for those in serious need:
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A couple of new polls on
by Hawke Robinson published Jun 04, 2012 last modified Aug 14, 2015 11:29 PM — filed under: ,
I posted a couple of (unscientific) polls on related to the demographics of role-playing gamers. The first one is average income (in estimated annual United States Dollars), the other on current relationship status (married, single, divorced, etc.). This is specific to tabletop role-playing gamers.
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Abstract - Encounters at the Imaginal Crossroads: An Exploration of the Experiences of Women in Role-playing Games
by Hawke Robinson published Oct 30, 2012 last modified Aug 14, 2015 07:32 PM — filed under: , ,
This is a doctoral thesis by Christopher J. Dyszelski, Candidate for the Degree: Doctor of Philosophy. This study was a critical, archetypal, feminist ethnography and psychological inquiry into the experiences of women in tabletop role-playing gaming and its culture.
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ADD/ADHD Classroom Modifications: Gamification - Competitive vs. Cooperative
by Hawke Robinson published Jan 19, 2016 last modified Jul 05, 2020 07:33 AM — filed under: , , , , , , , , ,
This is a less formal, discussion posting. Not really cleaned up, since I have other deadlines looming where I need to focus my time. But I wanted to post it while thinking about it, before it gets buried by other projects. It is a slightly lengthy, not quite essay, regarding my concerns about the recommendations for "gamification" of instruction in the classroom, especially competitive versus cooperative. It is posted more as a forum discussion request. I look forward to everyone's comments. At the time of this posting I was taking an elective course in Teaching Youth & Teens with ADD / ADHD & Executive Function (EF) Deficits. Basically how to understand and provide appropriate adaptations when teaching this population group. Part of the course includes online discussions. I thought I would save for discussion outside of the classroom, my postings of related topics. I welcome feedback from others...
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Added Youtube Channel, Google Plus, and Orkut for RPG Research
by Hawke Robinson published Oct 20, 2012 last modified Aug 14, 2015 10:53 PM — filed under: , , ,
Initially this may just be a video blog, or similar less formal means of sharing ideas about the RPG Research Project. But over time hopefully more formal presentations will be made available. I also hope to engage in live broadcast discussion on the topics of the therapeutic aspects of role-playing games. These are in addition to the existing Twitter and Facebook areas.... Added Youtube Channel, Google Plus, and Orkut for RPG Research
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