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A Visual History of RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics, the RPG Trailer, & The RPG Bus

by Hawke Robinson published Jul 28, 2017 10:45 PM, last modified Sep 18, 2021 08:54 AM
Here are some snapshot photos from the RPG Research Project since 2004.

This page contains just the visual history of RPG Research. If you would like to view a more comprehensive list with text and links, see the Amalgamation page for a whole lot more!

About The RPG Research Project

As an international community of volunteer researchers, we have been studying the effects of role-playing games since 1985, and since 2004 providing an open online research repository  investigating the effects of all role-playing game formats: tabletop, live-action (LARP), computer-based, and solo adventures.

Some of us, as volunteers from a Recreation Therapy background, help people achieve their educational, entertainment, and/or therapeutic goals through the intentional use of role-playing games (RPG) and music. We work with toddlers, youth, and adults of all ages, to help improve the quality of their lives.

 DSC 0024




RPG Brain Trust: Trustee of the Year Award (2017)

DSC 3565 cropped

DSC 3567 cropped

DSC 3570 cropped






Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop at, November




FanNexus, October


RPG Trailer setup at convention at the downtown Spokane, Convention Center.

DSC 3655


DSC 3682


RPG Research Game Master John Welker with youth and adults: No Thank You Evil RPG

RPG Research, RPG Trailer, Fan Nexus, Youth Gaming - 3

RPG Research, RPG Trailer, Fan Nexus, Youth Gaming - 4



RPG Research Game Master Danielle Whitworth. Adventures in Middle-earth (AiMe), Eves of Mirkwood Adventure.

Eves of Mirkwood Adventure, Adventures in Middle-earth RPG, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Danielle as Loremaster (LM) / Game Master (GM).


Hawke Robinson with Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig, Hawke Robinson, Fan Nexus - 2





The RPG Bus (purchased), September

A bus with wheelchair lift. It is a "fixer-upper", and likely won't be ready for regular use until Summer 2018, but we're working on it.

 RPG Bus lift


The RPG Research Core Team, September

Screenshot from recording an upcoming video.

RPG Research Core Volunteer Team Video Snapshot 20170912a


Core Team Bios and Photos:




SpoCon, August

RPG Trailer at SpoCon 2017

rpg trailer at spocon 2 summer 2017


Panel: The Psychology of Gamers and Hackers






RPG Research Monthly Program at Spark Central Community Center: August, September, October, monthly on third Friday

 RPG Research at Spark Central AiMe Setup August 19 b





 RPG Trailer, Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp July 2017, Idaho.

DSC 3121 rpg trailer pixelized and cropped 20170718a

MDA Testimonial:

"... I was a counselor at the MDA 2017 Summer Camp ... All I can say is that you guys are AWESOME. My shy camper completely opened up for the first time ... had the best time. ... was his favorite activity from the camp! ... Thank you for everything that you guys do. I'm forever grateful to you! " --Emily


D&D 5e in the RPG trailer with Muscular Dystrophy youth, MDA Camp (age 6-17)

MDA RPG Trailer D&D pixelated


Drum Circle for Summoning Gathering to Begin RPG / LARP. MDA Camp (ages 6-17 + counselors and helpers)

0718171812 cropped pixelated drums


Customizing Shields for LARP (Live-action Role-Play) MDA Camp (ages 6-17)

0718171848c pixelized making shields group 20170718a

0718171849 pixellated


LARP - Battle Royale (Boffer combat) (MDA camp, ages 6-17)

DSC 3182 pixelized and cropped 20170718a


LARP - Epic Quest (Cure (soak) the Ent)

Hawke as the Ent. MDA Camp, ages 6-17.

Hawke is 6'7", and with the buckets as stilts was around 9' tall, which the kids loved!

DSC 3388pixelated curing oakley the ent 20170720a

DSC 3399cropped and pixelated 20170720a

DSC 3372 pixelized 20170720a

DSC 3403 pixelized 20170720a




 RPG Trailer, Tolkien Moot XIII, July 2017. (Ages 12-65+)

In front of The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer prototype, in front of Hawke's house.

DSC 3110 cropped moot 2017


Gaming inside the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype at TolkienMoot.

RPG Research Game Room RPG Trailer Tolkien Moot 2017


DSC 3108 moot 2017

 Gaming in Game Room #1 (Hawke's House) at Tolkien Moot

DSC 3093 moot 2017



DSC 3092 moot 2017


DSC 3091 moot 2017

 Gaming in Game room #3 (Hawke's House) at Tolkien Moot.

DSC 3112 moot 2017


DSC 3114 moot 2017



RPG Resarch Core Volunteer Staff in front of RPG Trailer

Spokane, Washington, North Five Mile Area

RPG Research Volunteer Staff June 2016 & Prototype RPG Trailer


WSTRA, Bellingham / RPG Trailer Tour #3


RPG Trailer at Stephen's Pass, Washington

DSC 2820


Coulee Dam, Washington

DSC 2778




The Spartan Show - Legends Through Shadow - Hawke as Dwarf Bard


A fun little trailer the show creator put together for the weekly Internet show in which I have a supporting role as one of the adventurers.
Join us for role-playing gaming fun! I play the character of Khrandûm, the eccentric "Dwarf" Bard. D&D 5th edition.Tonight will be episode 6.
More about the cast:
And some more about the bard:
FYI, I ran the DM, and one of the other players, through an example campaign, on air, a couple years ago to introduce them to RPG & D&D, as The Spartan Show's: "Adventurer's Guild", and they were "hooked". Now he is running a game as DM, in a setting of his own creation, Legends Through Shadow.


DSC 2490


khrandum hawke emoticon20170228a








PNWTRA, Portland, Oregon / RPG Trailer Tour #2





RPG Research Visits, Observes, and provides feedback on Wheelhouse Workshop's program

Seattle, Washington.

Wheelhouse Workshop Visit





Hawke at Eastern Washington University, Therapeutic Recreation Class, Presenting on RPG Research & The RPG Trailer

EWU RPG Research RPG Trailer Hawke Presenting Recreation Therapy Class Spring 2017








Hawke as Bar Patron in web series Journey Quest 3.

Watch movie here:

hawke journeyquest 3 bar patreon weeping 2016





RPG Trailer Tour #1


4 videos about using Role-Playing Games to achieve therapeutic & educational goals for various populations, with a longer geographic reach using the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer.

Also, here is information about the just completed first RPG Trailer Tour, which includes more photos and videos.


Video #1, from Segment ("Hit") #3, 7:45 am, October 10, 2016

Archived Video & Article from KREM 2 News, original URL:

Also they posted it on Northwest Cable News here:

Local man opens unique mobile therapy unit to help people with disabilities.

Local man opens up unique mobile therapy unit

Kaitlin Loukides , KREM 10:25 AM. PDT October 10, 2016

download  OP 2 CP  1476120112333 6474128 ver1.0

SPOKANE, Wash. – One local man said Monday he is on a mission to help people with physical disabilities by using one unique method – RPGs, or role playing games.

Hawke Robinson first thought of the idea two years ago. He is offering mobile therapy called “RPG Research” which brings a therapy trailer right to the patient’s doorstep.

As a recreation therapist for the Washington State Department of Health, Robinson has been studying ways to help people recovering from traumatic brain injuries, ADD and ADHD, and Cerebral Palsy, through different methods.

What Robinson found was a bit unconventional. He purchased a wheelchair-friendly trailer he was able to customize and turn into a mobile therapy unit. Inside, it has up to 50 different musical instruments for patients to use during the healing process, along with his primary focus – tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Robinson said he has taken extensive neuroscience research and used it to understand how beneficial RPGs are in the therapy process for these patients.

Robinson paid for everything out of his own pocket and said he does not charge patients. He does have a GoFundMe account set up for people wanting to help him continue to serve and expand the service to more people across the region.

To learn more about his project, visit the RPG Research Project website.


download  OP 1 CP  1476119080593 6474040 ver1.0

Mobile therapy unit



Video #2 from Segment ("Hit") #1 broadcast live at 5:34 am, October 10th, 2016.

Original URL:



Video #3, from KREM 2 News Live Facebook Broadcast around 9:00 am, October 10th, 2016

I couldn't get embed code to work for the FB video, so here is a youtube version of the same video


Original Facebook URL:



Video #4, Noon News Remix from Segment 3 with photos added.

Teaser at 0:15 to 00:24, main segment at 03:06 to 05:56


Additional Notes, Links, etc.

The links mentioned in the videos:
Recreation Therapy & music based activities, especially role-playing games.
The RPG Research Project:
The RPG Training through RPG Therapeutics LLC:
Note that this is the prototype trailer (it can hold 3-4 people in wheelchairs), the Gofundme is for building the more ideal trailer that can hold more people in wheelchairs (6-8 people).
Other notes and additional links:
And as mentioned in video: the fuzzy d20 dice were a gift I received while on tour the previous weekend, from Adam Johns and Adam Davis of Wheelhouse Workshop - http://www.wheelhouseworkshop
The green bard hat thanks to Andy Dopieralski and Scott C. Brown of The Gamers and the Two Bards Podcast
For my music as mentioned, "Synthetic Zen" you can listen and buy albums at or check out live performances at and my website any money I receive for my music goes toward the RPG Trailer fund.
Additional Disclaimers & Notes:
At this stage I have been unable to get access to the other clips, they stated their lawyers do not allow them to release the archives to the public. I am still trying to find a means to get access to the rest of the clips that were more complete.
Since those missing clips included more details and some of my disclaimers, and they trimmed the online videos for the sake of brevity, here is more information about Hawke Robinson (me):
Short summary: I am registered with the Washington State Department of Health as a Recreational Therapist, but still working toward getting the national certification from NCTRC, the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). I am nearing completion of an interdisciplinary degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology at Eastern Washington University.


Clarifications, Corrections, & Disclaimers

Some clarifications and corrections that didn't make it into the clips or need clarification in the article.

I am registered with the Washington State Department of Health, I do not work for them.

I am working on an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, and Research Psychology through Eastern Washington University.

I am still working toward getting the national Therapeutic Recreation (TR) certification as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) through NCTRC. I have completed the required TR courses (and most of my other degree requirements), and I am now chiseling away at finishing my last few research psychology courses. I also have 2 internships to complete, one is a 16 week (40 hours/week) TR internship required to sit for the CTRS test, and a 10 week research psychology internship. Hopefully I will have all my degree requirements, the internships, and the CTRS requirements completed by the end of 2017, but no later than end of 2018.

I am an active member in good standing since 2014 for: American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) -, Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) -, Pacific Northwest American Therapeutic Recreation Association (PNWATRA) - (since January 2016), and I am Mental Health USA First Aid Certified - MHFAC.

More information about Hawke Robinson here:









 Matt Vancil, Author, Screenwriter, and more, of The Gamers, Journey Quest, and much more.

Matt Vancil and the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer. October 2016.


Wheelhouse Workshop, Andy Dopieralski of Two Bards & The Gamers.

Adam Johns, Andy Dopieralski, & Adam Davis with the RPG Trailer






RPG Research and RPG Trailer on KREM2 News




download  OP 1 CP  1476119080593 6474040 ver1.0


download  OP 2 CP  1476120112333 6474128 ver1.0





Purchase/Pickup of RPG Trailer Prototype, September







 Gaming in Game Room #2 (Hawke's House), Youth Group

DSC 2204 moot 2016


DSC 2205 moot 2016


Boffer LARP (Hawke's backyard)

Hawke's Backyard, Tolkien Moot LARP


LARP (field near Hawke's house)

"The Forest" LARP area by Hawke's House

DSC 1607 tolkienmoot larp



LARPers at the Inne (Hawke's house, balcony)

"The Inn" for LARP, Hawke's Deck for Tolkien Moot XI




VHA Training - PTSD



Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems in PTSD - Background

hawke vha train cert 2



Practical Assessment for PTSD

hawke vha train cert 5



hawke vha train cert 4


Cognitive Behavioral

hawke vha train cert 3


Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems in PTSD - Alternate Methods

hawke vha train cert 1











August - WorldCon 83 / Sasquan Gaming

 RPG Research, Spokane Area Gaming Alliance, WorldCon, Sasquan Gaming.

 DSC 1751


Hawke Presenting at WorldCon 73 - RPGs for Education & Therapy

 Hawke Robinson RPG Research Presenting at WorldCon 73

Gentleman was kindly handing me a donation of $40 cash toward the Wheelchair Friendly RPG trailer.

Video & Audio from multiple panels:

Panel: Video: Rough, raw video of Gaming for Therapy, Gaming for Education, August 19, 2015.

Panel: Audio: WorldCon 73 Sasquan Game Designers Toolbox Panel, August 20, 2015.

Panel: Audio: WorldCon 73 Sasquan Game Mastering 101 Panel, August 21, 2015.




The Spartan Show - Adventurer's Guild  - Hawke as Game Master (Worlds of Beru Campaign, D&D 5e)



Spartan Show Capture Combined Episodes Char List Smiles 600x592x96

Spartan Show

Spartan Show



Adventure beginning video teaser









Game Room #5 (Hawke's House)

DSC 1841


DSC 1842


Game Room #4 (Hawke's House)

Hawke House Game Room 3.jpg







Merlyn's Late Night Gaming 2015

 Merlyns last session DSC 1685 cropped maybe 2015



RPG Research, Extra-Life 24 hour gaming Fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network - November 2015


DSC 1843





Saint Luke's Rehabilitation, November 2014 - February 2015

Using Music and Role-playing Games to help Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury patients recoveries.


Hawke Speaking at ZoeCon II (Filming The Gamers 3: Hands of Fate)

ZoeCon IMG 20141121 192207 349

Youtube Video available here:

I was asked to speak at ZoeCon II, the creators of The Gamers, Journey, and other great shows.




Washington State Department of Health Registration as Recreational Therapist

1027170759 wa tr reg







HIV / AIDS / Bloodbourne Pathgen Certification, October 2014

hiv aids cert



Mental Health First Aid, April 2014

Mental health first aid cert


Hawke as Pirate #2 in The Gamers 3: Hands of Fate movie:





Merlyn's Late Night Gaming Jun 2014 through September 2015

Downtown Spokane, WA.

Participant in wheelchair, population: Cerebral Palsy.

Hawke at Merlyn's




July 2014, Tolkien Moot

2014 Tolkien Moot X day 2, TOR RPG (Cubicle 7's The One Ring Role Playing Game) table.




EWU LARP Program for Toddlers with ASD diagnosis Cooperative Quest - February - April, 2014

Eastern Washington University, Research Program Pilot.

 2014 03 07 13 05 54 191 cropped

Cooperative Quest Help Royal Family Activity Flow Overview




Online Panel: March 26, 2014 - LARP as a Form of Therapy

LARPing as Therapy Panel





2013 08 03 10 38 48 578



Worlds of Beru Google Hangout - November 2012 - 2013

Includes to comics from Seattle's Jet City Improv, Joe & Kesan.

Worlds of Beru Google Hangout 2012 2013





 July 2012

2012 07 13 20 15 49 775


July 2012

2012 07 13 20 17 35 539


July 2012

2012 07 13 20 17 57 226


July 2012

2012 07 13 20 18 39 913


July 2012, Spokane.

2012 07 15 14 49 02 811







Cooperative Video Gaming

December 19th, 2011




Ramada Suites, 2011

DSC 0496



DSC 0495



DSC 0499



DSC 0494



DSC 0521





Tolkien Moot Youth Table #1, At Monroe location, Spokane, WA.

DSC 0149


Tolkien Moot Youth Table #2

DSC 0148



Tolkien Moot Adult Table #2

DSC 0147



Tolkien moot 2010 youth rpg table



Tolkien moot 2010 youth rpg table 2



Tolkien moot 2010 adult rpg table 1


DSC 0181






Tolkien Moot table #5 At AppleTree Inn, Spokane, WA

 merpcon table 1 monday 1 moot 2009






TolkienMoot at Division Street location, Spokane, WA

 100 2040


100 2038




March 7, 2007. Hillyard, Northeast Youth Center (NEYC) - Fantastic Fun For All - Extreme Medieval Sports

Hillyard District, Spokane, Washington. At-risk youth program.



Hawke's "Lance-A-Lot" Joust.

Hawkes Lance A Lot at NEYC Fantastic Fun for All Medieval Sports cropped 20070307

 Lord Wiezel, of Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), letting youth try on armor.

kids in armor thanks to sir weizel sca


Hawke with Professor Barb Brock, Eastern Washington University (EWU), 2007

Hawke with Sir Weizel and Prof Barb Brock



Eastern Washington University Recreation Classmates (and Hawke with Sword) at NYEC

Fantastic Fun for All, Classmates




MerpCon III / TolkienMoot 2007

Hawke as GM at table #1 of 3.









RPG Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Deaf RPG Snapshot What Romans Ever Do For Us








Merlyn's, MerpCon I / Tolkien Moot I, Spokane




 IMG 1300



Hawke as GM.

IMG 1309



Hawke as GM, with co-GM, published author, Professor Chris Seeman (standing)

IMG 1301



Hawke as GM.

IMG 1321


Spokane County Library, Hawthorne

IMG 1334


IMG 1333


IMG 1310


IMG 1311






Eastern Washington University Essay - Overview History & Potential Benefits of Role-Playing Games, September

PDF Version:




Summer RPG Convention by Hawke Robinson - Millcreek Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

~50 participants - AD&D 1st Edition





Summer RPGA Convention by Hawke Robinson - Holladay Library, Holladay, Utah

12 participants - AD&D 1st Edition



1984 / 1985

~1984/5 - Realms of Inquiry, A School for Gifted & Talented Children, Sugarhouse, Utah

Trying to track down anything from this long ago.




~1983 - 8 Page Essay on Role-playing Games - Myth & Reality



1979 through 1988 - Lost Packer Mine

In addition to many life skills as paid worker as young as 9 years old, ran role-playing games for the miners (much older) none had played before. They still talk about it decades later as a distinctive and memorable experience.




 RPG Research Logo (Current)


rpg research logo ver 2 20150616i sans


RPG Research Logo (older)