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Participant Online Registration Form

by Hawke Robinson published Nov 11, 2015 01:40 PM, last modified Nov 11, 2015 04:51 PM

Thank you for your interested in participating in future research for the RPG Research Project. Your information will be kept confidential. Both non-gamers and gamers are welcomed to register. There are many research projects currently in the queue. Future studies are slated to take place in coming months and years, so you may be contacted as early as a few months from now, or potentially several years from now. The RPG Research Project studies the effects of ALL forms of role-playing games: tabletop, live-action, choose your own adventure, solo, and computer-based. The formality of the research will vary from project to project. Some studies are just simple questionnaires about preferences and experiences, other research studies are more formal. See the Documents section of this website for some examples of previous research. NOTE: The older version of this form has been online for many years, this is a newly improved version. So far hundreds of people have registered for future research. It is hoped that the numbers will soon be in the thousands so that the widest sample variety and best quality data sets will become possible.

Research Participant REGISTRATION form Gamers and non-gamers qualify to register to be contacted for upcoming research projects. If you have any problems completing or submitting this form, please email and we will work to resolve any issues ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.
Privacy Policy Your information will be kept confidential. Your personal information will be kept private. The statistical information used only for aggregated research analysis and may be aggregated as part of a report. No personal contact information will be shared with non-research-staff members.
Participant Registration & Demographic Information
This information is for those wishing to be registered for consideration as a research subject in the future. Both non-gamers and gamers are desired. This information is kept confidential. Your information is confidential.


Current Employment Status   Select all that currently apply.
Current Residential Status   Select all that currently apply.
Thank you and Please Be Patient When Click "Submit" Button. When you click the SUBMIT button, please be patient, it can take a minute to complete the submission, you should then see a page with a summary of your information indicating successful submission. Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your information will be added to the database, and as we have new research project scheduled, we will match your information with others, then contact you for scheduling your participation. Again thank you for your interest in participating in the RPG Research Project