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by Hawke Robinson published Jun 02, 2016 01:00 PM, last modified Jun 02, 2016 01:06 PM
Find bibliographic lists on specific keywords here. For example "LARP" or "tabletop RPG", that can be very difficult to wade through university & library databases. These lists are amalgamated through the help of volunteers on this website.

LARP Bibliography Page

This page is manually edited by RPG Research Project community volunteers, for any content related to LARP, Live-action Role-Playing, Live action role playing, and various permutations.

LARP Bibliography Page - Read More…

LARP Automated Collection Tag List

This is an automated tool that finds any content on this website with the tag "LARP".

LARP Automated Collection Tag List - Read More…

How to help with the Bibliography

Thank you so much for volunteering to help the community!

How to help with the Bibliography - Read More…

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