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By Maria Cambone on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 9:19am Please introduce yourself here! If you like, feel free to include a photo (if we can upload them to these notes - that has yet to be seen), your location, the role-playing games that you play in, how long you've been RPing, and any other information that you think might be interesting. Please try to keep introductions to less than 200 words, just to keep them easy to skim! Feel free to use the format I created below, or to create your own. Thanks so much, and it's wonderful to meet you!

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Whitney "Strix" Beltrán[+]

-Location: San Diego, California, United States

-Games: A variety of table top, larp, and digital role-playing games. Favorites among them are Legend of the Five Rings, Scion, Pathfinder, Guild Wars, RIFTS. Currently developing a taste for indie games.

-Role-playing since: Virtual since 1999, Larp since 2003, Tabletop since 2001

-Website and point of contact:

I'm a full time PhD student at Pacifica Graduate institute's mythological studies program (with an emphasis on Jungian psychology), where I am recognized as a Joseph Campbell Scholar. I specialize in the interdisciplinary space between mythology, gaming, and psychology, and also spend a good chunk of my time researching Central and South American indigenous religious systems. I have written academic pieces on myth and gaming for the Wyrd Con companion book and the International Association of Comparative Mythology, with further pieces forthcoming. I am also a consultant in Hollywood and other entertainment media. I currently work with several small studios where I do a fair bit of script doctoring and world building/setting development. I also regularly travel to conferences and conventions--both academic and non-academic alike--to lecture, present papers, and perform. I am very active within the larp community and most recently helped with the copy-editing of Larp from the Factory.


Jack Edward Berkenstock Jr.[+] , MHS

-Location:  Ephrata, Pennsylvania, United States

-Games:  Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, D and D, Marvel (TSR), Paranoia (West End), Ghostbusters (West End), WOD,  and so many others.  LARPed Vampire for about two years (Philly!).  Probably about 40 different systems.  Prefer to run rather than play.

-Role Playing since 1984.

I am a Therapist who specializes in working with sexually problematic behaviors and my target groups are children and adolescents.  I have done this type of work for about 13 years.  I have authored many in house pscyho-educational programs utilizing CBT.  I also study Buddhism and Buddhist Psychology and its application to self-improvement.  I am the Executive Director of The Bodhana Group, a non-profit that focuses on sexual abuse by workiing with both victims and perpetrators as well as training for staff on SPB and Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma.  We are exploring the use of Role Playing games as a therapeutic technique to help alleviate and heal trauma as well as helping to explore the beneficial aspects of Role Playing for parents, youth groups, and also development of a clinical approach for RPGs.  We also sponsor the two gaming themed fundraisers Save Against Fear and Meeples and Peoples Against Abuse to raise funds and awareness of our misison (and fun!).  


Sarah Lynne Bowman[+]

- Location: Austin, Texas, United States

- Games: Former long-time White Wolf player; player and documenter at Dystopia Rising Lone Star; regular lecturer, attendee, and player at various cons including Intercon, WyrdCon, OwlCon, and Fastaval; 

Role-playing since:  Virtual since 1994, Larp since 1997, Tabletop since 1999

I'm a role-play scholar and adjunct professor at several schools at the community college and university level, most notably the University of Texas at Dallas. I also tutor writing and copy-edit. I received my Ph.D. from UTD in 2008 and McFarland Press published my dissertation in 2010 as The Functions of Role-playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems, and Explore Identity. Together with Aaron Vanek, I co-edit The Wyrd Con Companion Book, a collection of essays on larp and Interactive Storytelling. My most recent publication is "Social Conflict in Role-Playing Communities: An Exploratory Qualitative Study" in the International Journal of Role-playing. Along with my work on social conflict and bleed effects, my current research interests include applying Jungian theory to role-playing studies, studying the benefits of edu-larp, and comparing the enactment of role-playing characters with other creative phenomena such as drag performance. For more on my work,


Maria Cambone[+]

Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Games: Member of the Mind's Eye Society ( theatrical LARP since 2010 and occasional player in Shards of Massagon ( boffer LARP since 2013

Role-playing since: LARP since 2007, tabletop since 201 

In real life, I'm an alumna of James Madison University. Professionally, I work as a technical editor at a company that tests for IT accessibility for people with disabilities. LARPing isn't my only hobby, although I've been playing in various campsite and parlor games since 2007. Among other things, I love doing activities like hiking, camping, horseback riding, kayaking and swimming in lakes and rivers. I have a fanatical love of the circus arts, so I taught myself a little costuming, makeup design, juggling and fire spinning, and I've been doing flying trapeze since April 2013. I love networking with other fans of our awesome hobby, so if you have any questions for me or if there's anything I can do to help out, please just let me know. 


Earle "Glas" Durboraw[+]

- Location: Birmingham, Alabama, United States

- Games: D&D/Pathfinder, Traveller, AD 2300, RuneQuest(2), SCA, White Wolf/CCP games

- Role-playing since: Tabletop since 1977, SCA (1982-1997), Larp since 1993.

I am an environmental, health and safety compliance professional and anthropology graduate student with a particular interest in folklore and myth. I have lived in Canada, Korea, and Japan, and worked a little in Mexico, but am mostly an Anglophone American. My lifelong gaming avocation started with tabletops in 1977 (when I returned from Japan to discover Traveller and Dungeons & Dragons) and live action roleplaying in 1993 (when I stumbled across the six month old Camarilla). Though not LARPing, I developed an interest in costuming and history during a decade and a half in the Society for Creative Anachronism (c. 1982 to 1997). I helped with a few Minds Eye Theater books; my ex-wife and I are the "Earle and Kenndra Durboraw" mentioned in the last edition of White Wolf's Laws of the Night (I am excited about what By Night Studios is doing). On the fantasy side I've enjoyed games such as Ian Lemke's Shattered Isles and Kingsgate, albeit over a decade ago, and made a NERO game or two about then too. Of late I have been too busy to indulge, but have watched the older local Atlanta-area Eclipse and newer continent-wide Dystopia Rising post-apocalyptic LARPs with interest.


Amber Eagar[+]

  • Location: Seattle, Washington, USA area
  • Games: Multiple LARPs covering a broad range of styles and genres (from NERO Alliance Northwest to Camarilla Seattle Domain Vampire: The Requiem to Amtgard to local one-shot theater style games) and table-top RPGs (too many to list). My focus is LARPs, though.
  • Role-playing since: 1999 (both table-top and LARPs)
  • Contact info if people want to reach me outside of Facebook:, or via the contact form at my

I'm being resourceful and pulling out my pre-written "about me" text that I use for occasions such as this: Amber is a veteran gamer and LARPer who has enjoyed participation as both as player or staff in many LARPs that run the gamut of styles and genres. Her current hobby pursuits include her work as the "Chief Cat Herder" and Business Manager for a Seattle area non-profit named LARP Lab, creating a pervasive LARP whose working name is The Archangel Project, and working with several other area LARPers to put together a Puget Sound area LARP convention. She also maintains a couple of academically themed, LARP focused mailing lists and administers and hosts the the US LARP Wiki documentation project. Prior projects of hers include the editing, design, and typesetting for both academic publications put out in conjunction with WyrdCon in 2010 and 2011 (Journeys to another world and Branches of Play), a LARP columnist, and she has served as a panelist at various conventions including WyrdCon and PAX Prime on various aspects of gaming, including LARPing.  Outside of LARPing, Amber is a confirmed chocoholic, has been known to "kill pixels" at the computer or Xbox, enjoys a good table-top RPG session, and loves to spend time with her cat, Schrodie.


Leah Franco[+]

- Location: Houston, Texas

- Games: Dystopia Rising, Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse

- Role-playing since: 1997 

Dystopia Rising Lone Star is my first real experience with LARPing. I attended one or two LARP Werewolf games run by the Camarilla, and my friends and I did some very informal Vampire LARPing in high school. I played Vampire online in IRC chat rooms for a year or so (2001? Can't remember). I'm familiar with most of the WoD classic games; I think I've spent more time reading the books and creating characters than I have actually playing. I play quite a few video games, including RPG games like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion & Skyrim, and Fallout 3 & New Vegas. I currently work as a receptionist and have begun attending college, hoping eventually to become a sex educator. I think research into RPGs is fascinating and I plan to lurk a lot. 



Jenna Gardner[+]

- Location: Southern Alberta, Canada

- Games: Sovereign

- Role-playing since: 2009

I'm from Southern Alberta, Canada and have been LARPing since 2009. My first LARP was Sovereign, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I am really just starting out in the hobby. I also play RPG's, video games, tabletop & card games. I enjoy reading, writing, swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, basketball, piano, and playing with my new Keeshond puppy, to name a few activities. I've put together my own computers, and set up my own home network. In reality, I am a stay at home puppy mom with Chronic Migraines trying to control my migraines. So I entertain myself as I can at this time.


Carl David Habbe[+]

- Location: Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany

- Games: Long-Time V:tM (MET) ST and Player, now having a crossover Chronicle (own rule system) running, Fantasy Larp and all kinds of Larp-Styles since 2010. First KP in 2012.

- Role-playing since: Tabletop since 2001 and Larp since 2004. 

I'm a Role-Player and try to keep Larping as my main focus when it comes to my science. [Theatre and Media Studies @ FAU Erlangen Nürnberg on Masters Level] I did a lot of "standard" stuff and since I got introduced to the Nordic Larp people, I try to engage others in more reflected, diverse and some people would say advanced leves of Larping and Role-Playing. I evolved through all aspects of the three-fold-model. I'm finishing my MA right now about larping in relation to classic theatre and have two german articles published in the "Mittelpunktbuch" 2012 and 2013. One about my MA topic and one about my BA topic which was Judith Butlers "Bodies that matter" transferred to Larp and "fat elves". I hope to get an ARG running soonish and in the meantime try to get some "nordic larps" running and start lecturing at my university.


J. Tuomas Harviainen[+]

- Location: Vantaa, Finland

- Games: too many to list, but mostly old WoD these days, plus the occasional larp I want to write now and then.

- Role-played since: Tabletop from 1985, I think. First with D&D, then Rolemaster and its kin, for a long time. Larp from 1995 onwards.

I am a chief information specialist at a public library, with a side job as a post-doctoral scholar of library and information science and game studies, at te University of tampere, Finland. I also freelance as an edu-larp designer.

In what spare time that leaves me, I edit a couple of academic journals, including the International Journal of Role-Playing 


Mikael Hellström[+]

- Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

- Games: Tt: several Swedish and American fantasy and science-fiction systems. Call of Chulthu, Delta Green, White Wolf. Larps: MET and several Swedish fantasy larps, Sovereign.

-Role-playing since: Tabletop since 1983, Larp since 1992. 

I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in political science at the University of Alberta. My work compares the effect public management regimes have on immigrant agency in Canada and my country of origin Sweden. After organizing a one-shot Vampire larp, I headed a campaign in 1995-1997 using pervasive techniques (though we didn’t have the terminology then). In 2005, I immigrated to Edmonton, Canada, and immediately dove in the local larp scene. The cultural contrasts between the two scenes inspired me to write a paper on the significance of cultural capital in building larping communities ( In 2012, I started the Edmonton Larp Factory facebook page as a place for freeform larpers. We have hosted one theory meeting, three parlour events, and are currently setting up a schedule of monthly events for next year, much in the spirit of the Larp Factories of Oslo and Stockholm. I have also adopted gameificiation in education as an instructor (


Shoshana Kessock[+]

- Location:  Brooklyn, New York, United States

-Games:   So many it's hard to count, LARP includes Cthluhu Live, White Wolf MET, Dystopia Rising, freeform games, organizer of the Dresden Files LARP and Battlestar Galactica: Tales of the Rising Star. Tabletop Fate Core, Dungeon World, various indie tabletops.

-Role-playing since: Online RPG play since 1994, tabletop since 2002, LARP since 2005. 

I'm a graduate student at the NYU Game Center studying game design with a focus on live action games. My graduate thesis project has me as founder and coordinator of the Living Games Conference, a three day LARP conference out of NYU in March 2014. I'm creator of Phoenix Outlaw Productions, a small independent game design company and I'm designer of several LARP projects, including The Unofficial Dresden Files LARPDangers Untold, and the freeform game SERVICE.  My paper on Ethical Content Creation and the Gamer Social Contract will be in the WyrdCon Companion 2013, and I'm working on various other submissions. I'm also a speaker at various conferences regarding women in gaming/geek culture, safe space creation and diversity, as well as LARP (Escapist, GeekGirlCon, Pax, Metatopia, DexCon, Dreamation) and blog on many issues in the gaming world. My other work can be found at, or for Living Games at 


John Kim[+]

- Location: Redwood City, California, United States

- Games: many tabletop RPGs, especially indie RPGs; local theater-style and freeform larps

Role-playing since:  Tabletop since 1978, larp since 1996

I'm a long time role-player, interested in the broad range of games, from Scandinavian larp to miniature-using skirmishes. I have been writing on RPG theory since 1995, starting on UseNet with my FAQ on the Threefold Model and other topics. My interest in larp was renewed with publishing of an adaptation of that for the 2003 Knudepunkt book, and I have attended five times starting in 2005. I am a regular GM and larp-wright at AmberCon NorthWest, Big Bad Con, DunDraCon, KublaCon, and Pacificon. I work in K-12 education in the San Francisco Bay area. My RPG website is at 


Yaraslau I. Kot[+]

- Location: Minsk, Belarus

- Games: mainly larps - in business, leasure, research, therapy, edu and crime investigation.

- Role-played since: rpg books since 1990 and larp since 1996.

Lecturer, resercher, lawyer and psychologist. I also freelance as a larp designer.


Lars Konzack[+]

- Location: Aalborg, Denmark, DK, EU.

- Games: A lot of different games through the years. I fancy Call of Cthulhu, Vampire: The Masquerade, King Arthur Pendragon, Shadowrun, and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing. I have a softspot for Dungeons & Dragons (the redbox) - because it was the first role-playing game I played. I am however open to try out new games.

- Role-playing since: Tabletop 1985. Larp: 1987 (didn't really like it at first, but I have played other larps later on that I loved). I tried virtual in 1993 (but quickly decided that I would be addicted and stopped immediately).

I am an associate professor in information science and cultural communication at Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS), University of Copenhagen. I received a Ph. D. in 2003 from Multimedia at Aarhus University about edutainment games. I have written articles about game studies and related matters; some of which are 'Computer Game Criticism', 'Sub-Creation of Secondary Game Worlds', 'Rhetorics of Computer and Video Game Research', 'Larp experience design', 'Geek Culture: The 3rd Counter-Culture', and 'Philosophical Game Design'. I study ludology, digital culture, and the fantastic.


Diana Leonard[+]

- Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

- Games: WyrdCon one-shot larps, Dying Kingdoms, 13th Age, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars Saga, Savage Worlds 

- Role-playing since: 2009

I am an assistant professor in social and political psychology at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I received a Ph. D. in 2012 from UC Santa Barbara. My primary training is in social cognition and intergroup emotion. I use an experimental approach to examine how the emotions we feel as a consequence of our social identities alter intergroup reconciliation and conflict, including apology, perceptions of collective victimization, and protest. I have a forthcoming chapter in the Wyrdcon companion book, "The Dynamic Life Cycle of LiveAction Role-Play Communities", which applies theories of small group development to larp. 


Mark Mensch[+]

- Location: San Francisco, California, USA

- Games: Multiple (NERO, Alliance, IFGS, Realms of Conflict, Prophecy II, Dystopia Rising, various convention games, etc...)

- Role-playing since: 2002

Special effects makeup artist and driver for Lyft.  I became interested in LARPing in 1992 and played my first game with Living Fiction - an Interactive Literature West production.  I loved it so much, I needed more.  However, I found NERO's combat system unrealistic and the IFGS required sanctioned modules.  Back then, they were the only choices in the Bay Area.  So I decided to make my own.I created Adventures Unlimited in 1994 and ran it for 7 years.  It became the standard for the west coast in story, immersion and overall production value.  After the run, I spent my time researching other games and systems and literally traveled the world to experience them.  I am often asked to panels at local conventions to give talks on gaming and social interactions as they apply to gaming (I was also a game director for an MMO back in 2000).My current projects are writing various fantasy novels and slowly developing a new LARP game that combines the best of the LARPs I've experienced and/or researched.  I focus more on immersion, story telling and the creative interactions of the players for success in the games.


Nicholas J. Mizer[+]

- Location: College Station, Texas

- Games: Mostly old-school / OSR types.  Currently running an Adventurer ConquerorKing (second wave retro-clone) open campaign.

- Role-playing since: Virtual since early nineties (PhantasyStar), Tabletop (regularly, at least) since 2005. 

I’m an anthropology / folklore graduate student at TexasA&M writing my dissertation on tabletop gaming with an emphasis on the OSRmovement. I have an article forthcoming inTheJournal of Popular Culture titled “The Paladin Ethic and the Spirit ofDungeoneering: Modern Enchantment and Paradox in Dungeons & Dragons” andone in the WyrdCon Companion titled “No One Role-Plays the Spanish Inquisition!The Early History of Role-Playing Games in Spain.” Other areas of interestinclude phenomenological description of the experience of play, the importanceof space and place in gaming, and intersubjective (i.e., shared)imagination.  I’m currently at thebeginning of my dissertation fieldwork, which will involve a series of trips tointerview gaming groups around the US and to record their play sessions foranalysis. For more on my work see the Youtube series documenting my dissertation process:


Oliver Nøglebæk[+]

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Games/conventions: Fastaval, Knudepunkt, Blackbox, Grenselandet, the occasional big larp and much more.

Role-playing since: 1996

Landscape architect and urbanist with a love of interaction, games and play in every shape and form. I have a decent track history of making larps and freeforms, but mainly I contribute to the community via talks, teaching and coaching on scenography and creative process. And via my blog on nordic larp at

Currently on a quest to explore movement based larping in the intersection with the participatory and performing arts. 


Morgan Nuncio[+]

- Location: Austin, TX, US

- Games: Dystopia Rising, Vampires: The Masquerade, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, Dungeons and Dragons 4.0, Pathfinder, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Abberant, and more.

- Role-playing since: Tabletop and LARPing since December 2005.

Hello! I have a bachelor's in Criminology (which I love the sociological and psychological aspects of the line), and that's what really drew me to join this group. For now, I'm a retail monkey in ATX, looking for a career. The reason I joined this group because I love studying, and it being about the gaming culture makes it so much better!


Craig Page[+]

Location: Bronx, New York, United States

Games: Various White Wolf games under the Mind's Eye Society Club. Sporadic player of Dystopia Rising NJ

Role-playing since: Since: 2010

When not being a geek, I am a Mental Health Counselor in New York. That being said, I am a geek even then too. I am an amateur writer, working on my first urban fantasy novel while also maintaining my blog on larping called "Confessions of a Wrathful Larper" ( I've been larping since 2010, have been storytelling Mage the Awakening since October of 2012, and have been recently been delving into game designs.


Travis Southard[+]

Location: Seabrook, TX

Games played/playing: Dystopia Rising, Vampire the masquerade (both LARP, currently, and tabletop), various other games in WoD, D&D, Star Wars, Star Trek (both tabletops), MERP (middle earth role playing system), Battletech, Robotech, plus a few online and console based (Xbox) rpg games. 

Playing since: about 1993, and LARP for only about three years.

I'm a Service Technician working for Granite Services (an affiliate of GE) performing calibrations and repairs on NDT (non destructive testing) instruments that utilize various ultrasound principles. Before that I worked for a prime NASA contractor for 12 years, and was also in the US Air Force Reserves subsequently for 12 years. I've been playing games for years, but LARP only recently and I'm very interested in listening to and participating in various discussions concerning related topics.


Lizzie Stark[+]

Location: East Coast, US

Games: Lots of freeform, traditional US campaign games, and some short Nordic larps

Role-playing since: 2007

I'm a writer. My first book was Leaving Mundania, a narrative nonfiction exploration of larp in the US and Nordica, during which I spent two years interviewing larpers and playing different games. I also helped edit Larps from the Factory, a collection of instructions for 23 larps from the Norwegian factories. I have run some Nordic freeform/larp on the east coast, and helped organize the Nordic larp Mad About the Boyin the US. I blog about larp at Recently, I started designing games.


Geoffrey 'Geoff' Strayer[+]

- Location: Chicago, IL, US

- Games: AD&D (all but 3.5), WoD (mostly Mage & Werewolf), Call of Cuthulu, Warhammer FRP, StarWars, some Mechwarrior, Rifts, Dragonraid, and lots of bits and pieces of others.

- Role-playing since: 1989 or so

I saw Star Wars: A New Hope in it's initial release, and all was lost.  I am something of a dabbler geek - bits of nearly every geek genre, but no depth to any of them.  I blog, some, write a bit for a living and do customer service and marketing.  I am also semi-active in Ingress, and have played WoW, WAR, Rift, KoL, and CoH online.  I am one of those who reads for fun, usually several books at once.  I dislike zombies as lazy, but am finishing my second multi-book series, and have book 2 of another.  So there is some, you know, hiprocracy there.  I don't run games, but do some theorycrafting in my group.


Evan Torner[+]

Location: Grinnell, IA, USA

- Games and Conventions: Earlier a convention GM of Cyberpunk 2020 and Unknown Armies, now an indie game enthusiast and larpwright to be seen at Origins, Fastaval, Intercon, among others

Role-playing since:  Tabletop since 1991, MUDs from 1992-1996, Larp since 2000, Indie RPGs since 2002

I have a Ph.D. in German and Film Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and am currently Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in German at Grinnell College. My gaming interests run deep in my blood, such that as of 2010 I started writing RPG theory and scholarship. William J. White and I co-edited a volume called Immersive Gameplay: Essays on Participatory Media and Role-Playing (McFarland, 2012). I've also written several larps and articles on larp for various publications such as the WyrdCon companion, Playground magazine, and several Knutepunkt books.


Eddy Webb[+]   

  - Location: Decatur, GA, USA

- Games: Oh god, lots and lots. Everything from old-school AD&D to cutting-edge versions of Fate. Most of my gaming centers around the White Wolf brand, however. Also, a few different flavors of LARP.

- Role-playing since: 1984. YES I'M OLD. 

I've worked on over 100 RPG projects, most of them for White Wolf/CCP/Onyx Path. I've also developed a number of games, most notably Vampire: The Masquerade -- 20th Anniversary Edition. I have run games around a table, online, and in a hotel for hundreds of people. And yet, people keep giving me money to write. Nowadays I main job is working as a Content Designer for the World of Darkness MMO, but I still freelance as a writer of RPGs, fiction, and Sherlock Holmes essays. 


Todd Nicholas Fuist[+]

Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

- Games: Apocalypse Engine, Fiasco, Lady Blackbird, Annalise, Psi*Run, Misspent Youth, many random others.

Role-playing since:  Let's see.... 90s? I've never LARPed, but have table-topped since then.

I'm a sociologist in the Pacific Northwest (although, until about 3 months ago, I lived in Chicago, IL). I have both a personal interest in gaming (as in I'm a gamer) and a theoretical/academic interest (as in I like to study gamers both to better understand the social world and gaming/gamer culture).