1984 - Educational Adventure Games.

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Educational Adventure Games. Williams, Fred D..


An adventure game is a role-playing game that usually, but not always, has some fantasy aspect. The role-playing aspect is the key element because players become personally involved when they assume a role, and defeat becomes personal and less acceptable than in other types of games. Computer-based role-playing games are extremely popular because they respond--often humorously--to input commands, and are visually vivid, regardless of their textual emphasis. The educational value of computer assisted instruction programs would be enhanced if the same active involvement could be utilized. Adventure games can be categorized into types which are exploitable in education, including the classical cave adventure that may involve a map; the puzzle type in which one must solve a problem in order to win; and a combination of map and puzzle type games. The games involve an interactive process in which the student is required to take control and make decisions. Using an adventure format to accomplish an educational goal is an effective approach that provides motivation and opportunities for role-playing, facing obstacles and challenges, and active learning. (LMM)


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Title Educational Adventure Games.
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