William A. Hawkes-Robinson

by Hawke Robinson published Nov 11, 2016 01:00 AM, last modified Nov 11, 2016 01:00 AM

Aka, “ Hawke Robinson ”, published as W.A. Hawkes-Robinson .

W.A. Hawkes-Robinson has been involved with role-playing games since 1979, role-playing gaming education since 1983, and Therapeutic Recreation / Recreation Therapy since 2004. He is the founder of The RPG Research Project ( http://rpgresearch.com ), RPG Therapeutics LLC ( http://rpgtherapeutics.com ), and the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer ( http://rpgtrailer.com ).

Around 1986 at the age of 15 Hawke created and ran a Role-Playing Gaming Association (RPGA) based Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) campaign involving 50+ gamers in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Millcreek Library. He is the founder of the annual Tolkien and role-playing gaming conventions in Spokane, WA, known as MerpCon and TolkienMoot since 2005, is founder of the Tolkien-based role-playing gaming online periodical "Other Minds Magazine" ( http://www.othermindsmagazine.com ), and talk show host for Middle-earth Talk Radio ( www.middle-earthtalk.com ) since 2007. Hawke also writes RPG adventures, and has created various system offerings modifying existing systems, and creating new ones from scratch ( http://www.earpg.com ).

He is working on an interdisciplinary degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology as an undergraduate student at Eastern Washington University. He plans to sit for the NCTRC CTRS.

Much more detailed information on W.A. Hawkes-Robinson available online here: http://rpgresearch.com/about/staff/hawke-robinson