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Curated RPG Research List

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 21, 2018 02:05 PM, last modified Jun 21, 2018 02:10 PM
There are thousands of documents on the effects and use or role-playing games from many perspectives. This can be an overwhelming amount for those starting out researcing this fascinating topic. This page is designed to help you get started, and useful for quickly finding the topic of discussion to respond with theory and research appropriate to the topic.

This is the master list for research that is recommended:

Or you can simply use the full-text RPG Research search engine:


Curated List


Effect/Aspect/Goal                   Supporting Theories links                    Relevant Research links

RPG Research Curated List
Effect/Aspect/Goal/Profession/Discipline/Topic Relevant Theories Links Relevant Research Links Notes
High level: Use for education Link1 Link1
High level: Psychology Link1 Link1
High level: Psychiatry Link1 Link1
High level: Sociology Link1 Link1
High level: Neuroscience Link1 Link1
High level: Recreation Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation Link1 Link1
High Level: Accessibility Link1 Link1
Autism Spectrum (ASD/PDD) Link1 Link1
ADHD Link1 Link1
Aphantasia Link1 Link1
At-risk yourh Link1, link2, link3 Link1, link2, link3 Notes here about the topic
Brain injury (stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI, etc.))