by Hawke Robinson published Mar 13, 2016 08:31 PM, last modified Mar 13, 2016 08:31 PM
While the RPG Research Project itself is currently a self-funded, non-commercial brainchild of project founder Hawke Robinson, the RPG Research Project Website was designed to support the entire community.

Though Hawke is currently the only full time researcher engaged in the project, he is networking, interacting, and acquiring information and resources from various psychologists, university professors, and other professionals in the development of this research project.

There are many sub-projects contained in the overall RPG Project, from demographics gathering and case studies, to small shorter term research projects, building towards a larger body of data planned over the years of research efforts
The overall project is dedicated to ascertaining by means of the use of various scientific methods the therapeutic and educational aspects of role playing gaming. Approaches include cognitive, behavioral, biological, neurological, humanistic, sociological, and other relevant perspectives. Based on the analysis of the data gathered, potential therapeutic and educational modalities may become apparent. Therapeutic  recreation techniques in conjunction with role playing gaming activities may be applicable in meeting client needs either as a standalone tool or to work in conjunction with other treatment modalities for various population groups.

The project is currently self-funded by the project founder. As the research progresses it is hoped that other private, but non-conflicting, funding will become available to continue increasing the personnel, facilities, and other  resources necessary to improve the breadth and depth of the research.