Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself!

Posted by Mysty Vander at April 20. 2018


I thought it would be important if we all introduced ourselves!

My name is Mysty/Courtney. I'm 26 years old and live in a small city in Ontario, Canada. I am a parent, an avid D&D player and content creator. I often don't spread out to other RPG systems, but I wish I had the time to! I'm new to ASL, just in the beginning stages of learning and achieving my certifications through as many levels as I can.

I was born with a congenital and incurable disorder which causes a deficiency/defect in my collagen (COL1A1) gene. It's called Osteogenesis Imperefcta. My five year old also has it. Among the many lovely side effects of this genetic anomaly (easily broken bones, bone pain, short stature, degenerative scoliosis, heart defects, respiratory issues, etc.) is a 50% prevalence in hearing loss. I have been identified as one of the 1 out of every 2. Thankfully, I was able to live my life until now primarily hearing. However, my low-frequency hearing is going quite fast now and it is estimated my high frequency shall join it by the time I'm in my mid-thirties. I'm very lucky and privileged to know this all beforehand and catch it early so as to prepare myself ahead of time! 

Also, I'm a full-time licensed child care owner so that tends to keep me rather busy!

I'd love to hear some anecdotes about yourselves, what brings you here, and what games you often play!


Re: Introduce Yourself!

Posted by Bobbye at December 31. 2018


My name is Bobbye. I'm 27 years old and hearing but really interested in learning ASL. Currently I'm the Outreach Coordinator for Louisiana Relay, a phone relay service for those who have difficulty hearing or speaking. This has kind of inspired me to look for more ways to learn about and participate in deaf culture, and I thought it would be really cool to link it to something I already love - gaming!

D&D isn't my favorite RPG, but I do like 5th edition. My favorite RPGs are Edge of the Empire (the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games) and 7th Sea 1st Edition. I really love narrative gaming and storytelling. I even co operate a media company called Morality Plays. Right now we're doing audio podcasts, but I'd like to branch out into videos as well - especially if I can learn more about ASL gaming terms!

It's nice to meet you!

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Posted by Gladyn at May 15. 2019


I usually answer to three alias I would use throughout the videogame landscape. ToneDef613, Gladyn, or Lilithian. I just turned 41 years old, I'm hard of hearing but depends strongly on sign language to communicate. I live in the big city of Ontario. (Hello neighbour!).

I'm a long time RPG player and Boardgames player since grade 4 (9 years old?). Its been ages since I played the tabletop RPGs. I would normally play D&D (2nd Ed. Era!), Specialist Games of Games Workshop (ie Blood Bowl), and my beloved Battletech. There is very few game systems that I have not read or played and I'm always open to different games systems. Finding people to play it with is whole another issue.

I have been a GM for a few games in our school dormitory. It all started with chess and I was able to get people to try out Heroquest. They loved it and we moved onto Star Wars Adventures of West End Games. Finally, the last few players who stayed with me got to try out Battletech. :)

The best memories I have of the gaming session? Due to the constant mathematical usage in the game, it enabled most of the players to move out from the special math level class and into the general level math.

I was accused of helping my players doing their homeworks and cheating on take-home tests. I told the accusing teacher to make another one and test them. They all did better than the previous tests (as they put in more time with RPG games and Gaming sessions over the semester).

So I have been playing MMO/Video Games to get my RPG fix in.

I have been constantly coming up with new signs/pigden signs or even temporary signs for the various games systems I have played over the year for my local DM/GMs and players to communicate with me. Hence why I often choose to play boardgames with RPG aspects to it such as Blood Bowl and Battletech. 

I'm looking forward to add signs to the world of RPG as I'm always trying to learn and create new signs for the world of STEM (Science, Technical, Engineering, and Mechanical).


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