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Approximate Group Demographics

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
This is just a rough approximation summarizing the demographics of the players in my groups since coming to Spokane in 2004...

Just a quick note. This includes most groups in the greater Spokane & C'dA area, and some in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area.

This is just since moving to Spokane in 2004. I began RPGs in the late 1970s. I began GMing around 1982/3 or so. And hosted my first convention around 1984/5 or so. Prior to 2004 states included California, Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arizona, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and others. Back then my groups were more 50/50 male/female, and MUCH more ethnically diverse prior to Spokane.

Spokane Census information:

Washington state Census information:

These are groups I have been either running, playing in, or observing.

Special Population Groups:

  • Autism Spectrum toddler-LARP: Ages 2.5 to 5, ASD/PDD with neurologically normal peers. Mixture of Caucasian, Latino/a, African-American, greater Asia (India, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnemese and others). About 50/50 female/male. About a dozen participants.
  • Autism Spectrum Youth groups: Ages 11 to 17. Mostly Caucasian. About 30/70 female/male. About 20 participants so far, more in the queue.
  • Autism adult groups: Ages 18 to 32. Mostly Caucasian. About 10/90 female/male. About 30+ participants so far, many more in the queue.
  • At-risk youth: Ages 7 to 17, mostly Caucasian, though other mixed ethnic minorities (minority by local demographics). About 40/60 female/male. More than 100 participants, many more in the queue.
  • Troubled youth: Ages 9 to 15, mostly Caucasian, some other ethnicities. About 20 participants so far, far more in the queue.


Game store PUGs: Ages 11 to 70+, mostly Caucasian, but about 20-30% other ethnic minorities, some groups all male, some groups heavily female, probably average around 40/60 female/male. Some tables entirely female, some entirely male. As GM: 100+ participants so far. As player, with about 200+ other players so far. As non-interacting Observer, about 500+ so far.

Convention PUGs: Ages 7 to 70+, mostly Caucasian, only about 10% minorities. About 50/50 male/female overall, some tables entirely male or entirely female. As GM: 350+ players so far. As Player: 300+ so far. As non-interacting observer: 600+ so far.

My other home hobby groups:

Ages 11 to 16, and 17 to 60, all Caucasian except one African-American. About 30% female. About 100+ so far.

My other office groups (non-therapeutic) just in Spokane:

Ages 10 to 15, 16 to 20, 21 to 70+. Mostly Caucasian, some Latin, Middle Eastern, and greater Asian (10%). 95% male. Almost none of the female respondents through Meetup and elsewhere actually showed up. About 200+ so far.

Greater Washington state, My more formal research/therapeutic groups, ages 2.5 to 70+, about 60% Caucasian, about 50/50 female/male. I would need to compile these numbers. At least 100+ so far.

NOTE: I have an entirely different batch of detailed demographics information from around the world from my research questionnaires and other projects. The above list is only actual tabletop & LARP groups that I am either GM, Player, or observer.