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Spokane Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop - November 4th, 2017. 1-3 pm, Spokane, WA.

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
Workshop: "An Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation" at the Indie Air Radio concert hall in Spokane, Washington, Saturday, November 4th, 2017. Space is limited to 35 people, so book you seat right away. Proceeds go toward building the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer fundraising campaign. We also use drum circles as part of the RPG / LARP experience, to summon for gathering, to build cooperative attitudes, paying attention and following directions, excite or relax participants depending on the goals of the adventure. We have more than enough drums for you, or you are welcome to BYOD (Bring Your Own Drum) if you wish. See you there!
Spokane Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop - November 4th, 2017. 1-3 pm, Spokane, WA.

Photo from November 4th 2017 RPG Research Drum Workshop (c) 2017 RPG Research

When: Saturday, November 4th, 2017. 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Where: Indie Air Radio Concert Hall, 1514 South Cedar, Spokane, WA 99203 - Indie Air Radio Information:

Who: All ages and levels of ability, from 6 years old to 96+ years old.

Tickets: *Tickets by donation:* Workshop is limited to 35 participants. Proceeds go to support the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer.

What: Here is a PDF of the outline of the workshop:

Donations: All proceeds go toward building the improved "Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer", which is a mobile facility to provide therapeutic recreation and music services to people with disabilities, especially those in under-served, and un-served areas, such as rural and remote locations.


Hawke Synthetic Zen Hangout Studio Broadcast Guitar 20160303a

Join the RPG Research volunteer core staff and Hawke Robinson (aka Synthetic Zen), founder of RPG Research ( is a Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist and has been involved with music since the 1970s. He plays over 20 instruments (not counting 50+ percussion instruments), vocalist, composer, and performer. He performs anywhere from classical, opera, and broadway, to rock, punk, funk, jazz, blues, folk, trip-hop, trance, techno, EDM, new age, and a wide range of World music. More information about Hawke through Indie Air Radio:



The workshop is hands-on. We will be providing a wide range of percussion instruments (50+ instruments to choose from, including some adapted for people with disabilities). The RPG Research Volunteer Core Team will be assisting Hawke in helping participants learn the basics of drum circle participation and some introductory level facilitation techniques.


All levels of drum skills are welcomed. Even if you have never picked up a percussion instrument before (though everything in the world around you is potentially one), you will enjoy this workshop. Of course more experienced percussionists are welcomed as well. Maybe you have always been curious about a drum circle, and wanted a safe and comfortable means of checking it out. Now is your chance, and it all goes to supporting a good cause, helping those with disabilities improve their quality of life.




Workshop Overview

  • Introduction to drum circles concepts.
  • Overview of percussion instruments from around the world.
  • Introduction to several basic drum circle facilitation techniques.
  • Groove (several variations)
  • Call-and-repeat (several variations)
  • Accessibility considerations for facilitation drum circles that include supporting people with disabilities and other challenges.
  • Groove session.
  • Q&A.


More Information

Email: thesyntheticzen at gmail dot com, or text/call: Hawke Robinson (Synthetic Zen): (509) 481-5437


More about the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer -

Donate today:

Hawke Robinson
Hawke Robinson says:
Nov 05, 2017 08:56 PM
The 2 hour Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation Workshop went exceedingly well. Participants asking for more. They generously donated nearly $200 towards the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer!

The reasons why we need the trailer were illustratively driven home by one participant especially. We had one participant in a wheelchair that also had hand paralysis, but discovered much to her pleasant surprise, she can use them excellently not only with the number of adaptive instruments we had, but also on the djembe, ocean drum, and a number of others.

Many now inspired to spin up regular circles and groups, and want us to help them do so at various facilities around the state. Couldn't have asked for a better first try!

Thank you so very much Bob Rice of for hosting this event!