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Goal 2 - Begin Efforts to Differentiate Between Correlative and Causal data.

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
Attempt to differentiate between correlative and causal data related to role-playing gamers. When possible, use blind, double blind, and triple blind study methodologies.

The main problem with 95% of the current research available on role-playing gaming is that most of the information is based solely on very  few case studies, meta-research, or correlative data. Only a small handful of projects even approach some sort of causal association, and those are small in scope and duration. It will be necessary to start on smaller scales, but over time attempt to increase the number of subjects and duration of each research study. This should over time begin to point out any causal effects on role-playing gamers by their participation in role-playing gaming sessions.

Baselines will be established with evaluative tests (similar to or including MMPI, Beck Depresssion, IQ, etc.). Control groups using non-RPG games (card, board, etc.) will be established. Some study groups will include experienced role-playing gamers, while others will consist of those who have never previously participated in role-playing gaming.

The "placebo effect" will attempt to be addressed through ethical techniques such as initially telling the participants they are being studied for one variable, then revealing after they study they were actually being study for another variable (following APA guidelines).

Over time, as resources increase, additional blinds will be added, separating the layers of those involved directly in the project from those who gather the information from test subjects, and eventually even using neutral third parties for data evaluation of results, to attempt as "blind" a study as possible and keep the data acquisition, analysis and reporting as uncontaminated as possible.

This will take place in many stages and over many years as the project progresses.