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Possible to Develop "Road Rage" Treatment Through RPG?

by admin published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
Is it possible to develop an RPG-based program to help modify aggressive/raging drivers' cognitions and behaviors to be safer on the road?
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Today my vehicle was nearly hit by an aggressive driver, who then proceeded to cut off 6 others, nearly clipping 2 of them as well, it was only our defensive driving that kept him from hitting our vehicles. 

The incident today has triggered my wondering if it is possible to develop any forms of RPG that could help people with aggressive / "road rage" style driving to help them learn more effective means of coping with stress either in their daily lives, or on the road, rather than putting their fellow drivers on the road at risk? At the very least can it educate them to have a better understanding of basic physics, basic driving courtesy, and basic consideration for other people (fellow drivers)?

I imagine a number of anger management and/or compassion-building programs would probably help with some types of road rage aggressive drivers, but what about building awareness of just how much risk they are putting their fellow travelers at in a way that is accessible to them for some hope of behavioral modification?

I don't imagine using Car Wars would be very helpful. :-)

But potentially this could be addressed in all four forms of RPG; tabletop, computer-based, choose your own adventure, and live-action (LARP). I can imaging scenarios to setup using each medium, but how does one implement without seeming just preachy or talking down, and really try to help them learn the realities of the risks, and then to have the compassion to actually care about putting others at that risk?

Just some thinking out loud, I welcome constructive feedback from others for ideas.

Safe driving and happy gaming!



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