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RPG Research Speaking at ZoeCon II - Video

by admin published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
The video is now available for Hawke Robinson's RPG Research Project discussion/speech at November's 2014 ZoeCon II. ZoeCon is from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, creators of The Gamers, The Gamers II: Dorkness Rising, The Gamers III: Hands of Fate, Journey Quest, and many other shows.

Youtube Video available here:

I was asked to speak at ZoeCon II, the creators of The Gamers, Journey, and other great shows. They had trouble getting their Audio/Video/Broadcast equipment working, so they asked me at the last minute, with less than 5 minutes warning, to go ahead and present regarding using role-playing games for therapy and education, while they tried to get everything online. I am grateful to them for the opportunity to speak with the slowly gathering audience (though it was a rather laid-back atmosphere). Due to the situation, I went with a more interactive discussion and less formal presentation, especially for the audience. I have a much more formal presentation lined up for the Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association 16th annual conference this April 11th in Seattle.

Since their A/V equipment was down, I was without a microphone, and I just sat my laptop off to the side to record for posterity. I am sorry the audio and video is so poor. I spent many hours deciphering the audio as best i could to add subtitles, since many people kept asking me to upload this video, but I couldn't do so in good conscience without adding something to make it more intelligible.

I hope you find this helpful and informative, and I welcome your questions and feedback.

Happy Gaming!

-Hawke Robinson, founder of the RPG Research Project.


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