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Summer 2017 Schedule

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
Is it nearly June, and here is a quick overview of what is already scheduled for this summer...

Here is a list of the larger events and research milestones expected over this summer:

  • May 22-23 - RPG Training Retreat #1, Pend O'Reille County Park
  • June 4 - Two Videos (5 minutes each) on RPG & Psych topics: Flow State (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi), and Group Formation/Dynamics (Tuckman principles)
  • June 15 - Fractured Minds Podcast host Jeff Renoe interviewing Hawke (4:00 pm)
  • June 15 - Last day of finals for Spring Quarter (Midnight)
  • June 6 - Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE) Interactive Community & Video Streaming Platform phase 1 Launch
  • June 16 - Resume and ramp up spreading the word for folks to RSVP for Tolkien Moot XIII -
  • June 17+ - Accessibility Documents for Spocon -
  • June 18-19+ - Research documentation for Tolkien Moot XIII campaign, theme: Mordor -
  • June 19-20 - RPG Training Retreat #2 - location pending. More LARP focused.
  • June 21-24+ - Update from 2nd edition using 3rd edition layout, submit Draft for 4th edition book - full chapter 25-35 pages, on Role-Playing Games for, "Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation, to submit for review/editing by Professor Dattilo and Professor Alexis "Lexi" McKenney.
  • June 24-25+ - Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) LARP & RPG #1 (Battle Royale) documentation completed
  • June 25-26+ - MDA LARP & RPG #2 (The Quest) documentation first draft
  • June 27+ - The Hutton Settlement?
  • June 27+ - The Spark Central?
  • June 27+ - Spokane VA?
  • June 27+ - Spokane Community Center?
  • June/July ?? - ZOE platform phase 2 work.
  • July 1-3 - MDA LARP & RPG #2 quest documentation completed
  • July ??? - Navos Mental Health, King County, Train their staff on RPGs - Schedule pending
  • July 15 - Tolkien Moot XIII Annual Convention -
  • July 18 & 20 - Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) camp, drum circles, LARP, and RPG sessions.
  • July 21-30+ - Work on research report paperwork for the WSU IRB approved "Experiences of Gender Bias in the Gaming Community and Industry" phase II research analysis.
  • August 1 - Deadline for completion of analysis and report written of research study on gender bias experiences in gaming community and industry - Needs to be completed before/by August. Publication submission pending completion of report.
  • August 11-13 - Spocon - - Speak on multiple panels & Presentation of Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer
  • August ~21-30+ - RPG Trailer 4th tour - Schedule pending after Spocon, Route proposed: Spokane, Washington, through Oregon, to Oakland, California for Abantey Role-Play Workshop, then to San Diego, California, then through Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, & Idaho, back to Spokane, WA. (Assuming budget allows).
  • September ?? - MDA Expo - Schedule Pending (September)
  • September ?? PAVE Autism Spectrum (ASD/PDD) Tacoma group - Schedule pending


This schedule could change without notice, though every effort will be made to update this page as details solidify or change.


Hawke Robinson
Hawke Robinson says:
Jun 15, 2017 12:39 PM
To use as the template for the full chapter (~30 pages) I am to finish writing this summer on Role-playing games in the textbook, the free copy of Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation Third Edition ([…]erapeutic-recreation-3rd-ed ) arrived this week, thanks to the kind generosity of Professor Dattilo of Penn State. But first:
* Last day of finals today
* Then a tech (Kerberos) client tomorrow to shore up some finances
* Then the Accessibility documentation for Spocon Saturday
* Then the research Sunday for the the Mordor adventure for this year's Tolkien Moot XIII Sunday
* Then the retreat Monday & Tuesday in preparing for the MDA summer camp
* and so, hopefully by Wednesday I can focus on the first full draft for the text book.
I have a rough draft I wrote last year using the 2nd edition formatting but it will have to be modified to the new layout, then send it to Professors Dattilo and McKenney for first proof-read.
Phew! See the updated Summer 2017 schedule here: