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Tacoma PAVE related links for Autism Spectrum

by Hawke Robinson last modified Apr 27, 2017 02:18 PM
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Tacoma PAVE related links for Autism Spectrum

Posted by Hawke Robinson at April 27. 2017

A project that slipped from my mind with the whirlwind of everythingvvelse, is the PAVE group's project. I had told them we would hopefully be running their program sometime this summer.
I also intended to start a dialog with them in the months leading up, so we could get various details hashed out to better prepare for implementing the program.
This is an important project that we should try to have all hands on deck, like the MDA project.

This is the program to teach them to use the public transit system, while developing social skills, etc. An "Agents of Shield" type setting.

Everyone on the RPG Therapeutics staff should make themselves familiar with the program, because it is also a template for future programs for this population (ASD/PDD).
I still need to clean up the rough bits of the actual adventure, but it is pretty well detailed. At this point it is still a concept to be tested in the field.
We have time, but we should all (including myself to refresh), read through the program documents in depth. Revise errors, typos, etc, and begin planning the details of implementation, who will take on what roles, etc.

This begins as a tabletop RPG, and then for the final session transitions to a LARP.

Here are the relevant documents to read:


A deeper overview:

Core Document. Includes TR & Adventure information. Still has blanks to be filled for the NPCs, later adventure components, etc.

I have a more up to date version in my archives offline that I will try to upload in the near future. That will be the one we work together to fill in the blanks and complete.

There is also a related project, pure tabletop, the predecessor to the Z-Day Tacoma, it is a 1940s Gumshoe adventure, that will also be used with various populations in the future:

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