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Picking Gumshoe/Police-Procedural TRPG

by Hawke Robinson last modified May 17, 2018 08:05 AM
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Picking Gumshoe/Police-Procedural TRPG

Posted by Hawke Robinson at May 17. 2018

Here we can discuss as we try to work through which Gumshoe/Mystery/Contemporary/Police-Procedural TRPG we should use for research and community programs.

Remember our mandatory criteria:

  • Must be currently available with an in-print hard-copy option (POD is acceptable).
  • Should have strong investigative mechanics.
  • Must have behavioral modification options/consequences for maladaptive behaviors (like Shadow points in TOR/AiMe, Force dark side in Star Wars, etc.).
  • Should have strong social/cooperative encouragements (like fellowship focus for TOR for example).
  • Permission to Use license granted in writing from the publisher.

Any other criteria you think should be on that list?


Anyone have some good starting links for consideration?

So far we have evaluated Trail of Cthulhu based on the Sleuth system, and discussed Call of Cthulhu based on the BRP system.

I have also suggested the possibility of the Doctor Who system, but the players/characters do not necessarily know they are in a Doctor Who setting. This is something I hope to test out soon (After June 15th of course). :)


Thoughts, suggestions?

As we narrow down the list, I will setup a Poll for a vote to see if any clear consesus develops or not. But first, let's create a list from the above, and any other suggestions you have. Then whittle down that list through discussion.







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