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by Hawke Robinson last modified May 10, 2022 11:56 PM
Role-playing game, plural: RPG, alternates: tabletop RPG, TRPG ,or TTRPG

Role-playing game (noun), plural: RPGs

The term role-playing game did not exist prior to the invention of this recreational activity with the release of Dungeons & Dragons publicly in 1974. All other role-playing game formats are derivation branches from this tabletop shared narrative cooperative game. For the original tabletop RPG format (RPG, TRPG, or TTRPG): "A seated, cooperative, interactive storytelling recreational activity, with structured rules, in a shared imaginary setting, participants include a facilitator/referee (game master (GM)), and one or more players, with one or more defined and evolving character(s) (player character (PC)) generally distinctively separate from the player(s), each taking imaginary actions verbally declared by the player or GM, modified by static and random variables (usually using dice), and experiencing the imaginary consequences of those actions as defined by the game rules and the GM, with measurable player character and adventure progression usually tracked by paper and pencil." - W.A. Hawkes-Robinson






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