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Wading back into Warhammer FRP again

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 20, 2015 05:05 PM, last modified Feb 05, 2023 12:22 PM
Since hearing that the folks in Israel claimed that WHFRP is less combat oriented than D&D 4th edition, I once again am trying to wade through the Warhammer rpg rule books, and will actually begin making some characters, though the whole setup of the game grates my nerves almost as much as World of Warcraft MMORPG does...

Don't be surprised if I resume/repeat some of my rants of the earlier experience with WH FRP. So far all I see is a heavily board/CCG-ified bastardization of what a role-playing game should be. I suspect primarily for financial reasons, but possibly to nanny-control more immature players (which might make sense in the case of RPG Therapy for some types of youth participants). It just grates to need so many cards, tokens, stand-ups, counters, custom dice, etc, laid out, and to be lost and then crippling the game until you can find replacement cards, tokens, stand-ups, counters, custom dice, etc. to continue the game. Compare that to the simplicity of most RPGs just needing a set of dice (some times as simple as a single six side or a pair of ten sided), some paper, and a pencil. Definitely a significant difference.

I want to learn and become reasonably proficient with the game, so as to have a better understanding, but all the materialistic emphasis of the game keeps putting me off. I will do the best again to overcome this initial dislike to try to understand the game better. Of course everyone I have asked if they would be willing to play the game, has flatly refused citing they did not want to learn Warhammer FRP at all. Hopefully at least one player will step up soon.

I will post more when further along in the process.