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Hickman Ethic3
by Hawke Robinson published Mar 21, 2019
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Comment Re: Introduce Yourself!
by Bobbye last modified Dec 31, 2018 06:52 AM
Hi! My name is Bobbye. I'm 27 years old and hearing but really interested in learning ASL. Currently I'm the Outreach Coordinator for Louisiana Relay, a phone relay service for those who have difficulty hearing or speaking. This has kind of inspired me to look for more ways to learn about and participate in deaf culture, and I thought it would be really cool to link it to something I already love - gaming! D&D isn't my favorite RPG, but I do like 5th edition. My favorite RPGs are Edge of the Empire (the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games) and 7th Sea 1st Edition. I really love narrative gaming and storytelling. I even co operate a media company called Morality Plays. Right now we're doing audio podcasts, but I'd like to branch out into videos as well - especially if I can learn more about ASL gaming terms! It's nice to meet you!
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Nominate RPG Research to Speak on: "TED Talk - Ideas Worth Spreading"
by Hawke Robinson published Jul 14, 2018 last modified Aug 17, 2021 08:32 AM — filed under:
An increasing number of people have been asking about how they could make it possible for us to speak on TED Talk "Ideas Worth Spreading", here is the information you requested so you can undertake the nomination process...
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ASL proficient Game Master Volunteer for Deaf & HoH, Tabletop and/or Live-action Role-Playing Games.
by Hawke Robinson published Jun 18, 2018 last modified Jun 18, 2018 11:59 PM — filed under:
A volunteer proficient in American Sign Language to be game master for tabletop role-playing games.
Located in About / Volunteer & Training Opportunities
Video Closed Captions Volunteer
by Hawke Robinson published May 01, 2018 — filed under:
We try to make all of our content as accessible as possible. Creating Closed Captions (CC) for our many videos is a time-consuming process, and we really need some dedicated volunteers to help catch up on this.
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Player Archetypes
by Hawke Robinson published Apr 30, 2018
There are a number of archetypes (stereotypes) that some players fall into. Most players progress through a few stages before they find their comfort zone, and can be influenced greatly by the GM type, and the fellow players. These may be inevitable developmental experiences to some extent, while others get "stuck" in stereotyped behaviors that can be a hindrance to the enjoyment of game play for the other participants.
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Incorporating RPG into Clinical Practice Presentation at WSTRA 2018 by RPG Research & RPG Therapeutics
by Hawke Robinson published Apr 23, 2018 last modified Jul 12, 2020 08:33 AM — filed under: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
RPG Research and RPG Therapeutics LLC representatives are presenting at the upcoming 2018 Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) annual professional conference. The topic: "Role-Playing Game (RPG) Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (TRS) Game Master (GM) Step 1: How to Develop and Integrate Role-Playing Games as an Intervention Modality into Therapeutic Recreation Programs."
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Comment Proposed Universal Signs
by Mysty Vander last modified Apr 20, 2018 08:04 AM
Hello! Below are a few signs that have been discussed with an interpreter as well as several in the HOH/d/Deaf community who play D&D and other TTRPGs. Please see the spreadsheet in the files section for a list of all that needs to be made. Please comment on what terms you think need to be added to the list. Do your current groups have signs you already use for TTRPGs? Please share them with us as it will help streamline this large project! Thank you! Proposed Signs: Roll for Initiative: GAMBLE(double-close handed)-LETTER I Ability Roll: GAMBLE(double-close handed)-STR/CHA/DEX/INT/WIS/CON (FINGERSPELL) Wizard: BOOK-MAGIC-PERSON Sorcerer: WITHIN-MAGIC-PERSON Bard: PERFORM-MAGIC-PERSON Warlock: CONTRACT-MAGIC-PERSON or DEAL-MAGIC-PERSON Fighter: FIGHT-PERSON TBC
Located in ASL RPG / / RPG ASL Signs / Proposed Universal Signs
File PDF document RCLS 385 01 Rec Prog IPG Part5a Theme Party Deaf RPG FLYER Revised 20071027b
by Hawke Robinson last modified Apr 19, 2018 09:36 PM
Located in ASL RPG / Files / Example files from Hawke
New ASL RPG Website Launched
by Hawke Robinson published Apr 19, 2018 last modified Jul 24, 2020 01:17 AM — filed under:
The new ASL RPG community sub-website is launched on the RPG Research server.
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